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We focus on the quality of high-end peristaltic pump, corporate brand in the market as a whole set up, the use of experience, in order to achieve the leading level in the industry. According to the actual situation of customers 1 of the 1 for you to provide advice, research, analysis, customization and other services, so as to protect your choice of peristaltic pump can successfully reach and exceed your expectations of the target. We provide professional services, from peristaltic pump analysis, design, customization, OEM and other aspects to meet your demand for our products.

Peristaltic pump production

We provide cost-effective products to the market, long-term quality service and strive to guide the user's forward-looking demand for its own responsibility.

Peristaltic pump manufacturers sales

According to the needs of customers, market conditions, the company provides professional peristaltic pump sales, use and after-sales solutions.

Professional OEM services

Customized fluid solutions, using JOURNEY MAN peristaltic pump core technology, with independent operation and operation of two models. Can be equal or unequal filling, transmission fluid.

OCM custom fluid solutions

JOURNEY MAN is to provide you with customized ODM pump to solve the revolutionary breakthrough in the field of fluid flow control scheme

Accurate pre guidance

To design the best solution for the customer, provide all pre-sales guidance, one to one service, to save customers time.

Excellent after sales service

7X24 sales, based on years of technical experience, continue to create value for customers.

Professional pump manufacturer

Baoding Journeyman Precision Pump Co., Ltd is specializing in the production of peristaltic pumps, injection pumps and other precision fluid transmission equipment, high-tech enterprises, R & D, production and sales in one. Today, with strong technical strength, exquisite process, good reputation, excellent product quality, continuous development of high-tech products, to provide a full range of fluid solution for the user, is to provide a few domestic complete pump head Complete sets of products, OEM OEM, ODM R & D professional manufacturers. We are constantly innovative research and continuous improvement of technology, into our production, so that faster products to the global market.

Quality is not the best, only better, customer satisfaction is only a starting point, there is no end. We will always take customer satisfaction as the center, continue to strengthen quality management, strive to catch up with domestic and international advanced level in the same industry, striving for Chinese own international brand.

Company profile

JOURNEY MAN——China's leading brand of peristaltic pump!

Baoding Journeyman Precision Pump Co., Ltd is a set design, production, research and development, brand management system four in one of the large modern high-tech production enterprise, is committed to the global needs of customers to provide high-quality, personalized products of peristaltic pump. The company has excellent brand management ability, innovation ability and good market reputation. Have a first-class production base and production equipment. Have independent intellectual property rights, patent technology. And a number of domestic and foreign research institutes, production enterprises have technical cooperation and exchanges.

The main products involved in peristaltic pump, peristaltic pump, hose and OEM products, today products are widely used in chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, papermaking industry, paint industry, food industry, scientific experiments, ceramic industry, petroleum industry, water treatment industry, mining and metallurgy industry etc.


JOURNEY MAN is the company for filling engineering, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, environmental engineering, photovoltaic industry, aerospace and scientific research institutions to provide perfect precision fluid conveying equipment, our philosophy has always been adhering to the user to check, hard service, highly praised by users!

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